Cornish rex cattery FI*Piupaws

Behind the prefix FI*Piupaws you can find sisters Heli Tepponen and Katja Kinnunen. Heli lives in an old farm on the countryside in Nousiainen with her husband and three children. Heli's family have bunch of cornish rexes and two short tailed domestic cats Boris and Doris. Heli also has 3 dogs, five guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, leopardtortoise and a large fish tank.

Katja lives in Raisio with nine cornish rexes. Heli takes care of most of the cats and kittens while Katja studies their pedigrees. Here are some photos of Tepponen family.


We both have started our hobby from cat shows and we have been lucky to own beautiful cornish rexes who have been succesful at shows and been a delight to show. We both are involved with local cat clubs and Finnish Cat Association (Kissaliitto, member of Fife). Katja has also been secretary of Kes-Kis (Central Finland's Cat Club) and member of the board. She has been a show secretary in over 20 shows and she was a member of the national breeder's committee for two years. Katja also was a president of the Finnish Cat Assiciation's dicipline committee

Heli has been a member of the board of Turok last 12 years and is now clubs President and mentor. Heli also a member of the FIFe cornish rex breed council and she is a president of the Kissaliitto's national Educational committee for breeders and secretary of Kissaliitto Health and Welfare committee. Heli's husband Mikko is responsible of the Turok's storehouse and wares.

Kiksu and Piu-Piu, 3 months old in 1996

It all started in 1996, when we got our first cornish rex cats, two brothers. We were active showing our cats for some years before the idea we would like start also breeding. Our cattery is named after our first cat Piu-Piu, but where he got his name is another story. Piu also means more, so our cattery name could be freely translated to "more paws". The catteryname FI*Piupaws was accepted in January 1999 in FIFe.

We breed only cornish rexes.